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Lechzen wir nicht alle nach Liebe, Erotik & Sex?

Help for Translators Offered

Contemporary German made Easy

An article by Sehpferd © 2008 by sehpferd

re you a translator? So, if you translate articles from German into English from time to time, you may be confused by strange words or idioms, especially in medieval German or contemporary German.

As we know from experience, some words, such as “sex”, have a different meaning in English and German. Some words are translated into bad German, for example the “sex industry” which is not a “Sexindustrie” in German – even, if some native German speakers translate it like this. Furthermore, it is difficult which such word as “Domina”, which has a lot of meanings in both our languages – and it can become worse in word like “Dirn”, which may be young girl or a female servant, but never a prostitute, because this word is “Dirne” in German.

So we offer a service for all translators: we will try to explain German words, sentences and idioms in English. Just send us the word or sentence and where you found it, and we will try to find out what it means for a German – and then we will try to translate it into English or explain, why it can not be translated because it does not make sense in English. We are native German speakers, by the way.

This Service is free as long as the word is related to gender, sex or egotism – just send an email to our publisher.

So if you don't find your word here at Dictionary CC or at LEOs then ...just send us an email.

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